Success Stories


The Catmax miracle happened

Hi Daniel and the Catmax Team,

It’s been about 6 months since our Catmax enclosure was finished. The installer did a terrific job, and our three cats are enjoying their lives like never before.

So much so that our beautiful blue mitted Ragdoll, Dante, has had a complete personality change!

You see he was a bit of a “problem” before – he is a little highly strung and from about the age of 12 months, he used to pee on our leather lounge suite, so much so, that we had to keep him permanently drugged on Clomicalm or Endep to stop this behaviour. If we forgot just one dose – bingo! He left his little calling card on the lounge like clockwork! Although the medication stopped him pee-ing, it also had the unwanted side effect known as “absence of affection” – which meant that he was aloof and pretty much disinterested in people.

Then the Catmax miracle happened!

From the very first day we let him out into the new run, he started behaving differently, and we have not given him another tablet since that day, yet he has also not pee-ed on the lounge again! He is cured! He is now so occupied smelling all the lovely smells and listening to the sounds and enjoying the wind, and the sunshine that he is much less stressed. And he is now an affectionate and interactive member of our family again.

Our other two cats, Camille (Chinchilla) and Diego (tabby) also love their time in the run, and in fact, we find that having the run enclosing our outdoor living area has enhanced the feeling of “an outdoor room” and we spend more time out there as well – whilst enjoying our cats’ company.

I have attached a photo of Dante “entertaining” a neighbouring possum one night, though I suspect the possum may have been taunting him a little – as a protected wildlife species, safe from cat attack, courtesy of our Catmax run!

Thanks again for your great product, Regards

Debbie Neilsen