Chantelle Carr and 3 happy cats

In all honesty it has been the best investment we have ever made for our cats and family home. Before we had the enclosure built, we were constantly battling a very much loved cat but also quite a handful. Constant cat fights in the neighborhood, bird killing which included robbing bird nest, wandering behavior which is normal but becoming a problem with our neighbors and the risk of the busy street.

We new we had to do something and when i search on the internet i was surprised to find lots of good information to support keeping cats indoors and having an outdoor enclosure so they still get the benefit of living in the real world.

Skittles was about 3 years old when we built the cat enclosure and never being one to be indoors, we were worried if she would get bored easily, but 3 years on, she is still happy and we know she is safe from the road and protected. Her favorite thing is to lay in the sun and rub on the Cat Max netting while enjoying the view around her.

I believe its benefited all our family, we have less stress knowing our much loved cats are safe and happy in there home and less stress in the neighborhood, its so versatile we use it when we go out for the whole day knowing they’re having a great time in their enclosure and it has part of a garden in it, so they get to enjoy their mondo grass and cat mint. We are even planning an extension for next year and we will definitely incorporate Cat Max netting in our designs.

I recommend an enclosure to all cat owners

Thank you


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May 4, 2020