Catmax Enclosure Catwalks

Catmax Catwalks are not only loved by cats all around the world for their soft and comfortable design, they’re our all-time, best-selling accessory.

That’s because cats love dozing on warm days in sun or shade on a Catmax Catwalk. No Catmax Cat Enclosure should be considered complete without one! Catwalks are best positioned up high so your cat can keep one eye on the surroundings.

Designed for outdoor use, the catwalk is supported by galvanised tubing. And because the material is open weave, it won’t harbour fleas or bacteria and it can be easily hosed down if required.

Catwalk specifications:
Available sizes

  • 0.8m $128.00
  • 1.6m $152.00
  • 2.0m $193.00
  • 3.2m $350.00 (+ freight)

Optional extra: Powder-coated frame
Installation time: 30 minutes

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Spiral Staircase


Kitty on Catwalk