Catmax carpeted steps and ramps

We all know that cats love high places. Carpeted Steps and Ramps are an easy way to add high perches or create easy access to a feature point within your enclosure. For example, you could put a series of steps up to a window or add a ramp up to the veranda. And, because it’s carpeted, a step or ramp is also a comfortable place to relax on sunny days.

Made from exterior hardwood ply and Dura Scratch – the hardwearing outdoor cat carpet from Catmax – the carpeted step or ramp is the ideal accessory for any enclosure.v
Catmax carpeted stepsĀ and ramps specifications:

Steps: 40cm x 30cm
Ramps: 30cm wide by up to 2.4m long
Steps: $70 each
Ramps: $93.20 per metre
Installation time: 20 minutes per step and 30 minutes per ramp