Something new for your pets!

Catmax launches their brand new portable cat enclosure for pampered cats living indoors!

People around the World have become aware of the importance of providing portable enclosures for animals that mimic their natural behavior while keeping them as safe as possible.

While the same is equally true for our family pets there have been few solutions available for cat owners.

Until now!

Kits4Cats is an innovative new solution for cat owners who prefer to keep their cats indoors. The Kit Integrated Training System (or Kits4Cats) allows cats to use their natural abilities and skills, such as climbing, jumping, sleeping, exploring and playing in the safety of indoors. The device, which effectively has three basic shapes (cube, oval and multi-dimensional forms) becomes the cat’s home inside your home.

The device itself is multi-functional and can have many attachments, such as outside steps, scratch pads, ladders and poles kits. The owner is encouraged to be creative and provide stimulation for their cat by constantly changing the configuration. For example, owners can choose to add a base extension kit and raise the unit to allow for climbing vertically, or lay it down and connect with a flexible indoor/ outdoor ramp tunnel kit.

While the Kit can be separated and used for food areas and toileting, the Kit also offers a nurturing solution for confinement of your cat.

The cat doesn’t feel confined, because she/he can still hear the rest of the family, but at the same time, it won’t be sitting on your furniture or upsetting visitors who are not comfortable with cats.

Designed in consultation with leading vets, this mobile two-piece unit is incredibly light and durable. It’s the perfect haven for when you need to keep your cats out of mischief. Your cats will love it and so will you!

• Advanced Nycell PVC for easy cleaning & extra durability
• Incredibly light — only 11kg fully assembled
• Water resistant with stainless steel fittings
• Lockable cat flap that can be easily connected to Catmax tunnel
• Marine quality carpet on exercise pads and top tower lounging deck
• Leaf pattern ventilation for improved air cross flow and privacy
• Assemble with unique stainless steel Z clips for locking into place panels or adding accessories

Call 1300 306 605 or email us to learn more about our revolutionary Kits4Cats enclosure. Alternatively request our free information pack.