Catmax Caboodles

Catmax Caboodles™ are a range of freestanding cat runs and outdoor cat enclosures available in kit form that are specially designed for the discerning cat and cat owner. When fitted out with Catmax gym equipment (these are sold separately, please see our accessories section) the Catmax Caboodle becomes great entertainment for you and a fabulous gymnasium for your pet. You may watch as your cat glides the spiral staircase, surfs the net, explores the tower and parades the catwalk. In fact, bring a chair and a book, there’s heaps of room!

Catmax Caboodles come in four models: the Micro , Mini ,Maxi and Super.

– The Micro Caboodle is our smallest one and perfect as an indoor enclosure. It measures 1.3 meters long x 1 meter wide x 1.2 meters high.

– The Mini Caboodle is 2 meters long x 1.5 meters wide x 1.8 meters high and is fully suitable for a Catmax gym. It can easily fit on a veranda or balcony and provides a great “catservatorium” while you are at work.

– The Maxi Caboodle is twice the size of the mini so at 4 meters long (13′ 3″) it gives your cat oodles of room to move, explore, climb and run. Or, there’s the opportunity to just laze around and feel at home. It’s the freedom every cat needs to feel happy.

– The Super Caboodle is our biggest enclosure measuring 4 meters long x 3 meters wide x 1.8 meters high excellent for cat lovers, rescuers, breeders or simply if you would like to give your cats lots of space to have fun !