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The following are samples of some of our Clearnet™ cat enclosure installations. For best viewing, allow the page to fully load before viewing larger images.

Job of the Week
2 storey house on a block that slopes quite considerably to the back, veranda enclosed. All steel was powder-coated in Heritage Red so that it matches the house. View images.

Irvine Enclosure
Clark Enclosure
Durrington Enclosure

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A small area has been enclosed for an elderly Burmese who was slowly going blind. View images. An area down the side of the house with painted posts and doorway. View images. Two Turkish Vans are free to explore this large garden area thanks to Catmax. View images.

Fisher Enclosure
Gwatking Enclosure
Elka Enclosure

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The Fishers have enclosed a large courtyard area, patio area and grassed area. View images. Nicole Gwatking has enclosed the side of her house using sandstone netting. Two 2m Catwalks have also been installed. View images. A natural wilderness is being developed for these fortunate pusses. View images.

Hearn Enclosure
Six Metre High Enclosure

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An outdoor area for the cat’s of RSPCA Perth. View images. An enclosure for five cats, protected from the excited kelpie dogs by “Kitten Guard” around the base. View images. This six metre high enclosure allows the cats to climb up to the window of this high set home for a visit. View images.

Heinz Enclosure
Soudak Enclosure
Patio Enclosure

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Using alot of the house to help save on netting yet giving a large space. View images. Combination interior and exterior enclosure. View images. A BBQ area that doubles as a cat palace. View images.

Mini Caboodle with Tunnel
Keith Enclosure

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The Maxteds have given their cat the freedom to access the enclosure via a tunnel that is connected to a pet-door. A really great idea to make your cat feel at home. View images This perfect designed enclosure with Catmax accessories offers plenty of climbing and exploration areas other wise its an empty house were boredom sets in. View images.

* Prices shown in the gallery are indicative only. All enclosures are individually designed and constructed and costs may vary.

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Catmax Latest Enclosure

Shade Cover

Caboodle Shade Cover: The Catmax Caboodle Shade Cover is a great way to protect your cats against the strong summer sunlight or wet winter rain. An excellent accessory to have some extra peace of mind !

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Air tunnel: The Catmax air tunnel is the best way to link safely your new Caboodle enclosure to your house so your cats can come and go as they please. Built with marine grde carpet, galvanized steal and clearnet ; it will look like part of your enclosure and last you a very long time. And it's perfect if you rent as you can take it down and bring it with you if you move houses !    

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Caboodle Door

Caboodle Door: If you would like to have easier access to your new Catmax Caboodle you can upgrade to a caboodle door instead of a zipper for only $200.00 which is made of galvanized steal same as the caboodle frame which won't only make it blend but will last you a very long time.

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Caboodle Net Guard

Caboodle Net Guard: When your Clearnet Caboodle requires protection from family dogs, teething kittens or even snakes, that's when you need the strength of Catmax Net Guard. Made from durable, open-weave, UV-stabilised material, each strand of a Catmax Net Guard contains fibreglass fibres for added strength.

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This is a photo of me and our beautiful Ragdoll Penny (