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Kits4Cats — Providing a Natural Habitat for our Feline Friends


Catmax launches their brand new enclosure for pampered cats living indoors!

Over primarily the last two decades, zoos around the World have become aware of the importance of providing enclosures for animals that mimic their natural habitats as closely as possible. They have gone to enormous trouble and expense to create an environment with elements that help animals great and small thrive and even breed in a zoo. It also creates a more enjoyable and educational viewing experience for visitors.

It is interesting, then, that we tend not to focus on this important element for our household pets. Cats particularly are better adapted to the wild than a human home, but often it is unsafe for city and suburban households to allow our cats access outside. Therefore, cats are kept inside and householders experience behavioural problems in their feline friends, from scratching chairs and chewing sofas to soiling and anxiety attacks. Quite distressing for everyone involved.

However, now there is an innovative new solution for cat owners who prefer to keep their cats indoors. The Kit Integrated Training System (or Kits4Cats) overcomes these common problems by allowing cats to use their natural abilities and skills, such as climbing, jumping, sleeping, exploring and playing. The device, which effectively has three basic shapes (cube, oval and multi dimensional forms) becomes the cat’s home inside your home.

The device itself is multi-functional and can have many attachments, such as outside steps, scratch pads, ladders and poles kits. The owner is encouraged to be creative and provide stimulation for their cat by constantly changing the configuration. For example, owners can choose to add a base extension kit and raise the unit to allow for climbing vertically, or lay it down and connect with a flexible indoor/ outdoor ramp tunnel kit.

While the Kit can be separated and used for food areas and toileting, the Kit also offers a nurturing solution for confinement of your cat.

The cat doesn’t feel confined, because she/he can still hear the rest of the family, but at the same time, it won’t be sitting on your furniture or upsetting visitors who are not comfortable with cats.

A very handy feature of the Kit is that it is mobile, so can be transported to another location in your house, or even in the car. This by no means needs to be a permanent home for your cat, with some owners choosing to only use it when their cat is recovering from illness or surgery and needs to be kept immobile and rested.

At Catmax, we are excited that Kits for Kats is going to change the way our beloved pets are housed and cared for, creating a stimulating and safe environment for them, and perhaps a more pleasant experience for the rest of the family at the same time.

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Shade Cover

Caboodle Shade Cover: The Catmax Caboodle Shade Cover is a great way to protect your cats against the strong summer sunlight or wet winter rain. An excellent accessory to have some extra peace of mind !

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Air tunnel: The Catmax air tunnel is the best way to link safely your new Caboodle enclosure to your house so your cats can come and go as they please. Built with marine grde carpet, galvanized steal and clearnet ; it will look like part of your enclosure and last you a very long time. And it's perfect if you rent as you can take it down and bring it with you if you move houses !    

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Caboodle Door

Caboodle Door: If you would like to have easier access to your new Catmax Caboodle you can upgrade to a caboodle door instead of a zipper for only $200.00 which is made of galvanized steal same as the caboodle frame which won't only make it blend but will last you a very long time.

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Caboodle Net Guard

Caboodle Net Guard: When your Clearnet Caboodle requires protection from family dogs, teething kittens or even snakes, that's when you need the strength of Catmax Net Guard. Made from durable, open-weave, UV-stabilised material, each strand of a Catmax Net Guard contains fibreglass fibres for added strength.

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This is my daughter in the cat enclosure the Cat max team built for us. Although being winter making it quite windy in the enclosure, none the less my cats have made it home and regardless of current