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Catmax Clearnet is the perfect solution to all your pet ownership problems. Our cat care product is soft, safe and strong.

Your cats will love playing outdoors and rubbing up against the soft knots of the super strong netting. And you’ll love knowing your cat is safe from danger and that you’re looking after the environment.

Guaranteed for 10 years!


Our Clearnet Enclosures are ideal for patios, balconies or backyards and are custom-designed to suit your tastes, available space and budgets. A range of freestanding, easy-to-move Caboodle enclosures are also available.

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Cats simply adore the outdoors. But roaming cats can have problems with cars, dogs — and sometimes even other cats!

Now, thanks to the revolutionary kitty-safe technology of a Catmax Clearnet Enclosure, your best feline friend can finally climb, leap, jump and explore the outdoors in purr-fect safety!

Catmax featured success story

The Catmax miracle happened

Hi Daniel and the Catmax Team,

Cat Enclosures in Adelaide and Canberra It’s been about 6 months since our Catmax enclosure was finished. The installer did a terrific job, and our three cats are enjoying their lives like never before.

So much so that our beautiful blue mitted Ragdoll, Dante, has had a complete personality change!

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Cat Enclosures Available Australia Wide

If you’ve been thinking about getting a cat enclosure in Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra or any other location around Australia – Catmax is here to help!

With agents throughout Australia, our professional installers will have your cat enclosure setup in no time. Our clearnet cat enclosures and cat runs are strong, safe and suitable for cats of all sizes.

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What Do Cats Dream About?

Catmax Latest Enclosure

Shade Cover

Caboodle Shade Cover: The Catmax Caboodle Shade Cover is a great way to protect your cats against the strong summer sunlight or wet winter rain. An excellent accessory to have some extra peace of mind !

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Air tunnel: The Catmax air tunnel is the best way to link safely your new Caboodle enclosure to your house so your cats can come and go as they please. Built with marine grde carpet, galvanized steal and clearnet ; it will look like part of your enclosure and last you a very long time. And it's perfect if you rent as you can take it down and bring it with you if you move houses !    

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Caboodle Door

Caboodle Door: If you would like to have easier access to your new Catmax Caboodle you can upgrade to a caboodle door instead of a zipper for only $200.00 which is made of galvanized steal same as the caboodle frame which won't only make it blend but will last you a very long time.

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Caboodle Net Guard

Caboodle Net Guard: When your Clearnet Caboodle requires protection from family dogs, teething kittens or even snakes, that's when you need the strength of Catmax Net Guard. Made from durable, open-weave, UV-stabilised material, each strand of a Catmax Net Guard contains fibreglass fibres for added strength.

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Featured Sucess Story

In all honesty it has been the best investment we have ever made for our cats and family home. Before we had the enclosure built, we were constantly battling a very much loved cat but also quite a han