Brian and Fay Coulter share their story

Good news needs to be shared, and that’s exactly what happened to this Parkinson couple who were committed to avoiding another feline tragedy.

Brian and Fay Coulter first learned about Catmax enclosures when their daughter collected the newest member of their family from an RSPCA foster home that had one installed.

“Sadly, we lost our previous cat due to an accident outside of the home, and we knew we needed an effective solution to keep our new cat, Lucy, safe.”

The Coulters had their new 8 metre Catmax enclosure installed about two months ago, and Lucy is thrilled with the additions to her home.

“She enjoys walking easily into her new playground during the day and night. You can tell she feels more free and loves all the little play items we have put out there for her enjoyment.”

Fay says that from an aesthetic perspective, the enclosure is hardly noticeable, but Lucy is now happy and safe, and nothing matters more.