Catmax protects cats and IndigiScapes' native wildlife - Catmax

Catmax protects cats and IndigiScapes’ native wildlife

IndigiScapes Catmax Custom EnclosureOnce again, Catmax ensures that cats roam at home!

Earlier this year Catmax’s Managing Director, Paul Chapman generously provided a cat enclosure display to Redland Shire Council’s IndigiScapes Centre.

IndigiScapes is a Redland Shire Council initiative to promote ongoing nature conservation, the aim being for all species to live harmoniously together in their natural habitat.

The Catmax enclosure demonstrates how Redland’s local moggies can wander safely and freely in an encapsulated space, day or night, without owners having to worry about cat curfews. It also stops cats from wreaking havoc on native wildlife.

Initially IndigiScapes contacted Catmax for a quote to build an enclosure in their display of 14 feature gardens. After meeting with them and discussing their needs, Mr Chapman organised to install the free Catmax enclosure around existing native trees, set amongst the IndigiScapes gardens. Jeanette Adams, Redlands IndigiScapes Centre Coordinator, has been very impressed by “how the enclosure keeps cats in while keeping other animals out“, yet doesn’t detract from the surroundings. Ms Adams says, “Another bonus is the size of the squares in the netting, because small animals like birds and micro bats can’t be trapped or caught in it.

The enclosure is comprised of pre-stretched, low visibility black netting, and “because it’s black it’s virtually undetectable.” Catmax enclosures camouflage perfectly in natural environments and suburban back yards.

Paul Chapman donated the Catmax enclosure to support IndigiScapes’ conservation and environmental objectives. He says, “All animals deserve to have freedom, and feel safe. A Catmax enclosure gives them the space to roam, without the opportunity to chase native wildlife.”

Catmax is Australia’s leading designer and constructor of cat enclosures. The company specialises in supplying free-standing Caboodles or custom designed Clearnet enclosures, which are ultra strong and cat friendly. Catmax netting comes with a 10 year guarantee against stretching, sagging and ultraviolet deterioration.

It’s always safer for cats to roam at home.

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Catmax Latest Enclosure

Shade Cover

Caboodle Shade Cover: The Catmax Caboodle Shade CoverĀ is a great way to protect your cats against the strong summer sunlight or wet winter rain. An excellent accessory to have some extra peace of mind !

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Air tunnel: The Catmax air tunnel is the best way to link safely your new Caboodle enclosure to your house so your cats can come and go as they please. Built with marine grde carpet, galvanized steal and clearnet ; it will look like part of your enclosure and last you a very long time. And it's perfect if you rent as you can take it down and bring it with you if you move houses !    

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Caboodle Door

Caboodle Door: If you would like to have easier access to your new Catmax Caboodle you can upgrade to a caboodle door instead of a zipper for only $200.00 which is made of galvanized steal same as the caboodle frame which won't only make it blend but will last you a very long time.

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Caboodle Net Guard

Caboodle Net Guard: When your Clearnet Caboodle requires protection from family dogs, teething kittens or even snakes, that's when you need the strength of Catmax Net Guard. Made from durable, open-weave, UV-stabilised material, each strand of a Catmax Net Guard contains fibreglass fibres for added strength.

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My Furry Kids would like to thank CATMAX for their enclosure.

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