Director of Catmax Paul Chapman has relieved ‘kitten mania’ in the Hunter Valley shelter by his kind donation of a Catmax caboodle, plus toys and accessories. Although temporarily homeless, some of the kittens are now at least happy.

Eliza Walker, manager of the RSPCA shelter in the Hunter Valley, says, “The kittens are having a fantastic time romping up the staircase and along the catwalk, and of course the penthouse allows for plenty of catnapping! “


Unfortunately the ‘silly season’ isn’t always festive for felines. Many kittens enjoy little more than the lifespan of a newly discarded toy as Xmas euphoria is quickly replaced by post Xmas neglect.

Sadly, the RSPCA is inundated with abandoned, lost or neglected kittens, says Ms Walker. She says she processes hundreds of kittens each year. “In fact, we receive so many kittens that we have trouble finding enough room in the shelter to house them,” she says.

However, “Catmax encourages responsible pet ownership – that’s what their enclosures are all about. Hopefully new pet owners will consider buying one to ensure their pets are kept safe,” Ms Walker advises.

For now, the Catmax caboodle is in the foyer of the Hunter Valley shelter and not only does it keep the kittens entertained, it houses lots of them. This means there is more room to house kittens while they wait for the chance to be put into “a loving, new home.”