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Paul Chapman had a vision: to find a better way to keep domesticated cats happy and entertained in today’s modern environment. The normal urban setting has loads of dangers for any animal: vehicles, people, disease, and other animals. Chapman saw this and took it upon himself to find a way to protect both pets and other wildlife.

After a lengthy design process involving numerous veterinarians and cat breeders, Chapman founded Catmax, a company devoted to creating safe havens where domestic cats can play, romp, relax, and nap in a comfortable and safe outdoor setting.

Cats are complex creatures and need a variety of things in order to thrive. Food, water, and a place to sleep are basic necessities, but a cat also needs a lot of time to play. To humans, it seems like our furry friend’s playtime is just their way of being mischievous, curious, and just slightly naughty. To cats, play time is actually their way of keeping their innate feline skills intact.

For example, the act of chasing a laser pointer beam for hours on end mimics their wild ancestors’ hunting process. Your cat randomly sprinting around the living room is just him or her releasing pent-up energy.

Every domestic cat needs a safe place, away from predators, traffic, disease, and things that may make it anxious. This place should be kitty-proof, meaning there is nothing to get caught in, no small parts that might be ingested, and no weak areas that a curious cat may slip through. This area should have places for your cat to curl up and nap on, places to climb, places to perch, and places to sharpen nails.

Every Catmax enclosure is engineered with your feline friends in mind. Our Clearnet Cat Enclosures are custom-built just for you and allow you to enclose an outdoor area so that your cat can run free and explore the outdoors in purr-fect safety. Made with our revolutionary Clearnet netting, our enclosures are soft, safe, and strong enough to withstand both the elements and those sharp claws.

Clearnet is pre-stretched to keep sagging and stretching at a minimum. It’s also thin enough so it doesn’t look unsightly.

Our Catmax Caboodles are a range of freestanding cat runs and outdoor cat enclosures. They come in an easy to assemble kit with gym equipment additions sold separately. The Caboodle is designed to act like a playroom or gymnasium. Available in two sizes, each Caboodle will give your cat a safe place to play, sleep, and just hang out. The Maxi size is four meters long and will give your cat a lot of room to explore.

It will even fit a chair so that you can sit in there and watch as your favorite friends play. The Mini is half the size and will fit easily on a veranda or balcony and provides a great “catservatorium” while you’re at work.

The Kits4Cats are Catmax’s latest offering. Water resistant with stainless steel fittings, well ventilated, and made of sturdy Nycell PVC, the Kit4Cats is designed to be your indoor cat’s “home inside your home.” The Kit4Cat comes with a base structure. several additions allowing for maximum creativity are sold separately. Build your cat the home it deserves by using the additions together. The Kit4Cat is fully foldable and portable, allowing you to move it around your home with ease.

Whether you choose from our custom-built outdoor enclosures, our Catmax Caboodle kits, or our portable indoor Kits4Cats, we can guarantee that your furry fuzzy friend will behave better, stay healthier, and will do less damage to your home. Each enclosure comes with a ten year guarantee.