Cat-astrophically bored Cats means paw behaviour - Catmax

Cat-astrophically bored Cats means paw behaviour

Cats Get Bored - CatmaxDo cats become bored? If your cat is a couch slouch then boredom may not be a problem, but some cats are better described as party animals!

These cool cats know how to boogie and if they don’t get enough brain input, their behaviour can be cat-astrophic!

Boredom is most common in confined cats which is a problem because keeping cats limited to roaming at home is becoming vital — for many good reasons.

Bored cats are easily recognised — exhibiting varying behaviours such as hyperactively racing through the house like a fur-covered lightening bolt, especially at night. Sound familiar?

A bored cat will delight in a game of ‘rough and tumble,’ but if there’s a shortage of toys or entertainment, it will happily use fingers and toes as a chew toy.

Commonly, bored cats hide under furniture with eyes as big as dinner plates. The moment you walk innocently past, they scoot out and latch onto your leg, firmly embedding claws and teeth into your calf. Just as quickly they detach and race back to their hiding spot, laying in wait for the next encounter of the furred kind!

Cat Tunnels - CatmaxFor a cat, the inside of a house is a sterile environment compared to the joys of cat-apulting freely through suburbia. The more a cat can roam, the more stimulated it is by the refreshing newness of its territory. Every new joy discovered by a cat becomes its own reward which, in turn, stimulates further exploration.

So, how do you cat-er for the needs of a bored cat? Get your cat its own Catmax home entertainment system!

Provide an Outside Play-Gym Confined cats are much happier if they have a semi-outside play-gym that they can access via a cat door. Catmax is Australia’s leading designer and constructor of cat enclosures such as the freestanding Caboodles® and fixed Clearnets®.

These structures are ultra-strong and cat-friendly. The Catmax system uses Clearnet which is a pre-stretched, low-visibility, flexible netting that can be used almost anywhere. Because Catmax

Clearnet is almost invisible, you can tastefully enclose a veranda, balcony, full or partial backyards and incorporate trees as part of a purpose-built play-gym.

Catmax recommends providing areas for feeding, resting, toileting and exploration. The key to keeping your cat’s attention and interest is to change the ‘furniture’ regularly.

Cats prefer to exercise by stretching, jumping and climbing rather than running long distances. Therefore elevation is more important than floor space. Catmax caters for this with accessories like pet houses, catwalks, climbing poles, scratching posts, steps, ramps and hammocks. Cat enclosures can be creative and attractive solutions for bored cats. Catmax are cat management specialists, who can tailor an innovative ‘outdoor room’ to suit your home, budget and your cat’s requirements.

Background information supplied by Dr Cam Day, Animal Behaviour Veterinarian

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Shade Cover

Caboodle Shade Cover: The Catmax Caboodle Shade Cover is a great way to protect your cats against the strong summer sunlight or wet winter rain. An excellent accessory to have some extra peace of mind !

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Air tunnel: The Catmax air tunnel is the best way to link safely your new Caboodle enclosure to your house so your cats can come and go as they please. Built with marine grde carpet, galvanized steal and clearnet ; it will look like part of your enclosure and last you a very long time. And it's perfect if you rent as you can take it down and bring it with you if you move houses !    

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Caboodle Door

Caboodle Door: If you would like to have easier access to your new Catmax Caboodle you can upgrade to a caboodle door instead of a zipper for only $200.00 which is made of galvanized steal same as the caboodle frame which won't only make it blend but will last you a very long time.

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Caboodle Net Guard

Caboodle Net Guard: When your Clearnet Caboodle requires protection from family dogs, teething kittens or even snakes, that's when you need the strength of Catmax Net Guard. Made from durable, open-weave, UV-stabilised material, each strand of a Catmax Net Guard contains fibreglass fibres for added strength.

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