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Cat and Cat Enclosure Accessories

At Catmax we’ve developed a special range of accessories that designed to complement our Outdoor Cat Enclosures and Caboodles and make for an even more fun, healthy and safe environment for your cat. Apart from the Catmax Zip (which already includes installation time in price), all Catmax accessories are installed free of charge when installed as part of a new Catmax Clearnet Enclosure.

Installed separately, a Catmax accessory incurs a $83.60 call-out fee plus an installation charge of $83.60 an hour (plus the cost of the accessory, of course).

Catmax catwalks

Catmax Catwalks are not only loved by cats all around the world for their soft and comfortable design, they’re our all-time, best-selling accessory.

That’s because cats love dozing on warm days in sun or shade on a Catmax Catwalk. No Catmax Cat Enclosure should be considered complete with out one! Catwalks are best positioned up high so your cat can keep one eye on the surroundings.

Designed for outdoor use, the catwalk is supported by galvanised tubing. And because the material is open weave, it won’t harbour fleas or bacteria and it can be easily hosed down if required.

Catwalk specifications:

0.8m $128.00
1.6m $152.00
2.0m $193.00
3.2m $350.00 (+ freight)
Optional extra: Powder-coated frame
Installation time: 30 minutes

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Catmax spiral staircase and scratch post

The Catmax Spiral Staircase and Scratch Post is a combination accessory designed both for leaping up to catwalks and keeping your cat’s paws in tip-top condition. It’s also ideal for a graceful descent to meet you at the door!

Designed for durability, each staircase/scratchpost is constructed from Dura Scratch Carpet and hardened PVC. They use low-toxicity, painted exterior timber steps. Two sizes are available: the Maxi or Miniature.


Spiral Staircase and
Scratchpost specifications:

Maxi: 172 cm
Mini: 95cm
Installation time: 15 mins
Maxi $270 plus freight
Miniature $176 plus freight

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Catmax PVC Pethouse

The PVC material is great the environment and it is also very robust. it’s lighter then it’s timber predecessor and it comes in mellow shades to match most settings, inside and out. The sky beds are still open weave.

Each bunk can be used for sleeping in or to gain access to the next bunk up. All bunks lead up to the top floor – the snuggest of them all.

The Catmax PVC Pethouse won’t scratch, dent or absorb in high humidity areas. Its flat packed and comes with lovely Cat designs and motifs.


PVC pethouse specifications:

Three tier: 130cm high with a 60cm by 60cm base
Each tier is 40cm high
Three tier: $475 plus freight
Additional tiers: $107 extra plus freight
Installation time: 15 mins

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Catmax net guard

When your Clearnet Enclosure requires protection from family dogs, teething kittens or even snakes, that’s when you need the strength of Catmax Net Guard. Made from durable, open-weave, UV-stabilised material, each strand of a Catmax Net Guard contains fibreglass fibres for added strength.

This means a Net Guard can even be used to contain smaller, placid dogs in your enclosure.

A Net Guard should be tailored to your individual circumstances. However, ideally, ideally you should run a Net Guard 70cm off the ground to provide optimal protection for the lower section of your cat enclosure. Net Guards are available in Black and Sandstone.

Prices vary depending on height (although the average price is $36.30 per meter for 70cm high), and we recommend contacting your local Catmax Consultant for a free quote to supply and fit Net Guard for your cat enclosure.

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Catmax carpeted steps and ramps

We all know that cats love high places. Carpeted Steps and Ramps are an easy way to add high perches or create easy access to a feature point within your enclosure. For example, you could put a series of steps up to a window or add a ramp up to the veranda. And, because it’s carpeted, a step or ramp is also a comfortable place to relax on sunny days.

Made from exterior hardwood ply and Dura Scratch – the hardwearing outdoor cat carpet from Catmax – the carpeted step or ramp is the ideal accessory for any enclosure.



Catmax carpeted steps
and ramps specifications:

Steps: 40cm x 30cm
Ramps: 30cm wide by up to 2.4m long
Steps: $70 each
Ramps: $93.20 per metre
Installation time: 20 minutes per step and 30 minutes per ramp

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Catmax Zips

Catmax Zips can be installed just about anywhere, allowing you convenient access to your enclosure. Zips can also be put in areas where you need to trim the garden or clean the gutters. Due to flexible nature, zips can even be installed on angles and go around corners.

We traditionally use a 10mm wide, hard-wearing zip that is UV-stabilised and weatherproof on all enclosures.

Zip specifications:

Any size, although standard length is 3.0 metres.

* Price may vary depending on location, please call for a quote.

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