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Catmax Clearnet is the perfect solution to all your pet ownership problems. Our cat care product is soft, safe and strong.

Your cats will love playing outdoors and rubbing up against the soft knots of the super strong netting. And you’ll love knowing your cat is safe from danger and that you’re looking after the environment.

Guaranteed for 10 years! Our Clearnet Enclosures are ideal for patios, balconies or backyards and are custom-designed to suit your tastes, available space and budgets. A range of freestanding, easy-to-move Caboodle enclosures are also available.

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Catmax Latest Enclosure

Spiral Staircase

Catmax Enclosure Catwalks

Catwalk Specifications: 0.8m $128.00 1.6m $152.00 2.0m $193.00 3.2m $350.00 (+ freight) Optional extra: Powder-coated frame Installation time: 30 minutes

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Micro with tunnel

Micro with Tunnel

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Clearnet Enclosures - Catmax

Clearnet Cat Net Enclosures

We all know our cats adore being outdoors. Unfortunately, roaming cats can have difficulties with cars, dogs, your neighbours — and sometimes even other cats! This is where the revolutionary technology of a Catmax Clearnet Enclosure steps in. With the kitty-safe technology of our outdoor cat enclosures, you can simply and easily enclose an outdoor area, allowing your best feline friend to climb, leap, jump and explore the outdoors in purr-fect safety!

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Catmax Zips

Zip specifications: Any size, although standard length is 3.0 metres. * Price may vary depending on location, please call for a quote.

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Rafferty big paws. 26.9.13

Catmax carpeted steps and ramps

Catmax carpeted steps and ramps specifications: Steps: 40cm x 30cm Ramps: 30cm wide by up to 2.4m long Steps: $70 each Ramps: $93.20 per metre Installation time: 20 minutes per step and 30 minutes per ramp

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Hi Catmax

My cat, Milo loves his Caboodle! Thanks so much!

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